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JOHNSON TRANSFORMATIVE EQUITY GROUP, LLC aims to help break the adverse systemic and institutionalized inequities present in various industries against untapped population groups by sharing and teaching sound employee engagement practices to companies and organizations of diverse enterprise. 

WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL by examining your company's policies and practices with an equity lens to ensure that fairness is present for all regardless of physical characteristics, race or ethnicity, religious or political ideology, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. 

TOGETHER, WE WORK WITH OUR CLIENTS to create a customized program to move toward inclusive and equitable practices for their association to thrive. We provide the following, which facilitates an atmosphere of belonging, trust, and growth for our clients

  • Increasing positive employee engagement practices and strategies 

  • Organizational Self-Assessment for Racial Equity 

  • Examination of the dynamics of inclusivity in your company

  • Purpose of Psychological Safety in the Workplace Setting

  • Developing diversity and accountability practices 

  • Cultural HumilityGuides and Practice

OUR OVERALL COMMITMENT is to help our clients develop and employ fair, equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices, policies, and routines for increased productivity, belonging, and growth. 

Brian and Jennifer Johnson, Owners

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