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April 20, 2021 : Black Lives Mattered!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

What does it mean when you say something that you grew up knowing before becoming a catchphrase to some and an ongoing movement for others?

Black Lives Matter is not a "new thing."

Black Lives Matter is 401 years of fighting to ensure that we are not property.

Black Lives Matter is stating that scientifically and otherwise, 3/5 of a person is impossible.

Black Lives Matter is living and working in a vibrant, financially strong, self-sustaining community with access to health care, education, housing, and jobs only to have it torn down, no BURNED down, by those who do not acknowledge your existence.

Black Lives Matter is also known as...

The Underground Railroad

The Harlem Rennaisance

The Freedom Riders


I am a man

I am Somebody

Say Their Names

I Can't Breathe

Black Lives Matter means just what it says ... BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Today, Black people can exhale for...

Eric Garner

Freddie Gray

Tamir Rice

Walter Scott

Tanisha Anderson

Sandra Bland

Akai Gurley

Ronald Green

John Crawford III

Michael Brown

Aura Rosser

Botham Jean

Steven DeMarco Taylor

Ahmaud Arbery

Gabriella Nevarez

Rekia Boyd

Stephon Clark

Janisha Fonville

Michelle Cusseaux

Elija McClain

Jacob Blake

Charles Roundtree Jr.

Patrick Warren, Jr.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Philando Castile

Daniel Prude

LaQuan McDonald

Trayvon Martin

Rayshard Brooks

Alton Sterling

Atatiana Jefferson

Michael Dean

Walter Scott

Dante Wright

Adam Toledo

George Perry Floyd

Emmet Till

...and way too many others.

Tomorrow, we continue to fight for justice that is not yet here. We are closer, but we are not there yet. We continue to get into 'Good Trouble.'

This and so much more is why ... BLACK LIVES MATTER.


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