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High turnover? Check your leadership style

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Don't force yourself to fit in where you don't belong; this is a common refrain that employees and teams feel and act upon. When an individual feels like a valued part of the company, they will rarely leave. However, if the opposite is a sentiment of theirs, then turnover can run rampant and more time will be invested to hire and train new employees. This procedure can hamper your organization and negatively affect your bottom line by indicating that your employees are dispensable.

Leaders at every level should routinely assess and invest in practices that encourage belonging within the organization. If procedures are currently in place in the association, it is imperative to determine if it is up to date. As you put into practice the projects' goals and objectives, make sure that it is not insular or detached from the team's. Ensure that space is provided to allow employees to share their perspectives as well. This will help establish that the organization's mission remains on task, given that each team member is actively contributing to the message. When employees are not allowed to share their viewpoints, they are not an asset to the organization, which can cause resentment.

Consistency is essential for optimal results in an inclusive workplace setting. If your association has various leadership levels, the mission and message of full inclusion must be clear for all employees. Investment in learning and developing models of belonging in your company now may significantly slow organization turnover later.

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